Sadness; Such A Misunderstood Feeling.


Sadness a state we all claim to dread. But, the thing is there are more sad people walking around than happy ones, while taking into consideration that happiness and sadness are both transient phenomena, we could also see that life doesn’t bend to us, rather we bend to life, we make lemonade and drink it for as long as we can.

I can’t help but feel that people actually appreciate sadness a lot more than they claim to. When a person is sad they feel differently, they sense differently, everything becomes more intricate. I mean, there has to be a reason why people who are sad will lock themselves up in a dark room, put on sad music just to prolong the sad state. We like to feel, we are easily distracted when we are happy. So, instead of running out of the sad state, we sustain it, we could easily dance to our favourite music, speak to our favourite person, but we choose not to, we rather sit in a dark room and pretend like we are all alone in the world.

Sadness is more sustainable than happiness, and we as human beings; love stability. So, we choose the easier route; it’s easier to say: ‘my day is always bad, so today will be a bad day’ than it to say: ‘even though yesterday was horrible, I have a good feeling about today’. It’s easier to be hopeless and be surprised, than to be hopeful and have that taken away from you too. Bad things always happen, good things rarely happen, this is what we think, but in fact, this is false, there are people who actually write down all their blessings, if you ask them ‘why?’ They’ll tell you that they’re practising/cultivating gratitude. People who work with gratitude will tell you, perhaps even prove to you, that our blessings are just as much as our curses. But we are what we see, and what we see is what we are. We create our reality.

Sadness, in my opinion, shouldn’t be considered a bad feeling, it should be seen as a bridge between our minds and the universe, we feel more, because we are more aligned with the cosmos when we are sad. Three o’clock in the morning; you’re awake, and everywhere is so quiet, you put in your earphones and listen to sad songs, and you feel something, tell me that thing you feel; is it as bad as they say?

Let everything happen to you, beauty and terror
Just keep going, No feeling is final.
-Rainer Maria Rilke


I say feel what you feel for as long as you feel it, don’t hold on to it, because you have other things to do, feel and let go, but don’t ever forget to feel, or you will be forced to, I guess it’s what we call ‘breakdowns’.

Do not dread sadness for it is the bridge between our minds and the universe.

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