Beautiful Scenes In Ibadan; As Soldiers March With Citizens In Protest Against Police Brutality.

Soldier making his voice heard in the peaceful protest
Nigerian Soldier

Almost emotional scenes in Ibadan, Nigeria; as Nigerian Soldiers march in unity with civilians in protest against the extreme brutality of the SARS(special anti-robbery squad) unit of the Nigerian Police Force.

On the 11th of October, a statement was released by the Nigerian Police Force; announcing the dissolve of the SARS unit; but killings are still being reported as these horrible humans with guns still terrorise the same citizens they are supposed to protect.

A statement was also released by the President of The Republic Of Nigeria; Muhammadu Buhari: in which he swore that the culprits would be investigated and dealt with accordingly. A statement that was criticized heavily; considering how inept the Nigerian Government can be.

Nigerian citizens continue to march without fear as the aim to end police brutality once and for all.

Scenes in Ibadan today, just goes to show how much progress has been made.



End police brutality! End SARS! We are one!


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